Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days!

Hi there everybody!  Hope all is well with all of you!  I thought I would share a few photos of what has been going on around here....SNOW!  Now, I know that a lot of places have been seeing snow this winter, but you have to in the Deep South, not so much.  So, when it does snow here, it'a a really big deal.  I have to admit, when it does snow or if the weather man is even talking about the possibility of snow, I turn into a giddy child!  I just can't help myself.....maybe it's the memory of being out of school when it snowed, or the thought of being warm and snug at home....I don't know exactly what it is.  Now, if I had to deal with it as much as some of my blogging friends do, maybe it would not be so nostalgic for me....but it is such a rarity here, you'll just have to indulge me for a bit!  Let me set the scene.....the fireplace has a roaring fire in it, I have a pot of Perfect Potato Soup on the stove....recipe compliments of the lovely Pioneer Woman  Ree Drummond, and it looks like this outside....

This is the view off of our front porch....what you are looking at are a couple of dozen azaleas that are in shock!  Lol!  I hope this deep freeze is not going to affect the blooming that should be taking place in a couple of months...we'll see.  Now, I ask you....doesn't this look like the perfect snow day?  

Here is another shot of our azalea area and the lonely little frozen bird bath....even the birds don't know what to think right now!  Which reminds me, I have to go fill the feeder up again!  The temperatures have been positively frigid....we were in the single digits this morning when I took these!  Sheesh, again...we are not used to this here!  I have one more shot for you....this is my little guy that you may have heard me mention from time to time.  He has many nick names....Little B, The Little Prince, Bax-Man, Baxie Boy.....but officially, this is Baxter, our Longhaired Miniature Dachshund...

That is one cold dog....I had a hard time taking this photo!  As you can see, he is concentrating hard on the path to the front door!  LOL!  I managed to get this one photo and then he was done!  He is my stamping little "heartbeat at my feet" and constant shadow.  To say we pamper him around here would be an understatement!  Anyways, there he is belly deep in snow and ready to make a run for it!  Don't worry, his mama will dry him off good when he gets in the house and he will get all snuggled up in his blanket...seriously, he is one pampered boy!

Well, that is all for my little Snow Day photo shoot.  I hope all of you have a wonderful day...I plan on getting a little crafty time today.  I'll be seeing you soon...take care until next time.  Oh, and Baxie sends you a doxie kiss!  Thanks so much for stopping by today!  



  1. Mercy!!! Brrrrr.... Baxie looks like he took the change well. Bet he curled up by the fire too! Love these!

  2. Eeeps I'm cold all over again. LOL. There might be a tad bit of sleet left in the tree roots but today's sunshine finally melted it away. I had huge planks of ice sliding off my tin roof crashing to the ground all day. Stay warm my chilly friend and give that cute poochie a hug for me. :-)

  3. Looks like you got quite a bit more snow than we did up here! My DD finally got to ride her new sled for the first time, though, so she was thrilled. Baxter might not have been happy about it, but he looks so cute in the snow! My little dog didn't like it, either! I'm glad you enjoyed your snow days, girlie! (I'm also glad they are over...I'm like Bax--I'm done!) ;~)

  4. Katie - love your pictures! Looked like that here too. I like the concept of snow too - just not driving in it. Wish I had a bowl of that soup! Glad you were happy with the snow and able to enjoy it. Hugz!!! Warm ones!

  5. We just got 7 inches overnight. I am ready to move back south after this winter. I have had enough!

    Your little fur baby is too darn cute! :)